Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well I just got back from the General Relief Society Session with Linda and Emma. There were some really great talks by the Relief Society Presidency, and then one by President Uchtdorf. The talks made me feel like I'm not at all inadequate being a woman. I just wanted to share my feelings from the session. I was very impressed by the things President Uchtdorf talked about. He asked the question What is the greatest happiness? The answer he gave was God's happiness. God's happiness comes from creating and being compassionate. He also talked about how every daughter of God is a masterpiece. i'm going to type out all the notes I took from his talk. The more you trust and rely on the spirit, the more you are able to create. Walk with the Lord. Those that bring sunshine into the hearts of others will bring sunshine into their own hearts. God will encircle you in the arms of His love. You are choice daughters of our Heavenly Father. Stand with your head held high, Heavenly Father loves you. I thought he gave an amazing talk.