Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glee was awesome last night! For those of you that don't watch the show, it was mostly about people with disabilities. Growing up with an older brother in a wheelchair, you can see why I was touched by this. I didn't understand then the way I do now the struggles he must have gone through living every day in a chair, not being able to do many things on his own. I'm glad the writers of the show sort of addressed this issue and others. I was touched the most when the mean cheerleader coach went to visit her sister. I'm glad my family was blessed with my brother Casey, who has passed on from this life to the next. He taught me alot; especially about the gospel. I'm grateful for moments like this that help me remember him and how truly awesome he was!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our new house

I've posted some pictures of our new house. I didn' t get a lot of pictures, but they give you an idea of the house. It's really cute and a great size for our little family. Of course there are things I want to change (like the color of paint in the dining room), but it's a great house and I love it!
This is one of the 4 bedrooms; since I'm no photographer, I didn't get very good pictures of the other rooms...
Dining room
Back yard
Back yard patio
upstairs bathroom
view of the front room from the hallway
front room from the front door
other half of the front room

New house pics

This is the front of the house..
Back of the house and fence
view of the kitchen from the dining room