Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughts on tithing

So last night I went to Relief Society to hear some speakers talk about rags to riches. One of the speakers was talking about all the things we should be doing like praying(not as often as we should), scripture study, and so on. Well she got to tithing and said that was one thing they always did no matter what. That got me to thinking. Paying tithing is also the only thing we do on a regular basis. Sad as it is to say, scriptures are not being read all the time, and prayers should be said more in our home. So I just wonder what would happen if I looked at these other things we should be doing the same way I look at tithing? I need to do these things on a regular basis as well. Not only because we've been commanded to do so, but to receive the blessings promised to us. Obedience also comes to mind. We are given commandments to see if we will obey. I never really thought about it this way before, but it makes perfect sense to me now.


Emma said...

thanks for that brieann. we all need that reminder every once in a while.

My Name's Sarah said...

Thanks, Brieann. I've been a major slacker when it comes to my personal scripture study and personal prayers... and I'll add temple attendance to that. When I do those things, usually after I've let too much time pass, I'm always amazed at how good it makes me feel. It reminds me that Heavenly Father gives us commandments, not for His benefit, but for ours.